Real Estate Loans

We provide financing options for purchasing a new home, refinancing an old loan for a better interest rate, or refinancing to utilize the equity in your home.


Personal Financial Statement

If you are interested in applying for a Real Estate Loan, for your convenience and to save time,
you can print the application and return to one of our Residential Home Lenders.

Mortgage Calculator

The Mortgage Calculator can assist in determining a monthly house payment, including property taxes and insurance. Please visit with one of our Residential Home Lenders for current interest rates and loan terms that are available.

Home Budget

Managing a monthly budget can be a challenge as well as determining where money is being spent. The Home Budget Calculator can assist you with a budget breakdown by entering monthly expenses and estimating income with the paycheck calculator. If you need assistance, please contact one of our three branches and a Customer Service Representative can help walk you through.

HUD Homeowners Counseling

HUD sponsors housing counseling agencies throughout the country that can provide advice on buying a home, renting, defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues. The link below allows you to select a list of agencies for each state.