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Credit & Loans
Real Estate Loans 
We have many mortgage products to meet the needs of full- and part-time farmers or others investing in rural land.  The funds can be used to fund the acquisition and make improvements including agricultural structures. Contact your lender for Young Beginning Farm loan support and 1031 exchanges.   
Acreage Loans 
Please refer to our Personal Real Estate Lending. 
Lines of Credit / Master Notes 
Revolving Lines of credit can help pay for seasonal farm operating expenses, living expenses, and other on-going expenses. 
Facility Loans 
For the purchase or construction of live stock structures whether it's for the small acreage user to the large commercial producer.  
Machinery and Equipment Loans 
For the purchase of new / used equipment and machinery 
Construction Loans 
Whether you have in mind a new machine shed, live stock facilities or the home of your dreams, then we have a Construction Loan for you. 

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