Visa Debit Cards

VISA photo debit card works like a checkbook, looks like a credit card!

Order a VISA photo debit card for your checking account, and you can use it in place of check writing at millions of locations where debit cards or credit cards are accepted.

You can also use your card at a convenient ATM to make deposits, cash withdrawals, or transfer funds between your Citizens Savings Bank accounts.

With VISA photo debit card, there are no more paper checks, no more carrying the checkbook, no more hassles!

Your picture is right in plain view — making it difficult for anyone else to use your card.

Purchases are conveniently paid from your checking account.

VISA photo debit card is available for just $1.00 per month plus tax, and there are no additional transaction fees.

BankWise Ultimate customers enjoy this feature as part of their membership.

CSB customers never pay a fee for using an ATM in the Privileged Status Network.